On and On

On and On

URL http://www.on-and-on.net/venue/
Address 6-8-7 B1 Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka-City, Osaka 【MAP
Tel 06-6362-0212
Capacity 300 people
Floor 1 Floor
Genre ’70-’80 DISCO / ALL MIX


We have many kinds of parties with dance music.
The inside of this club is casual and has sofas and locker rooms.

Tue. : Entering by 21:00, M ¥2,000 – L ¥1,500 (All-you-can-drink for free all day)
Wed. : M ¥2,000/2d L ¥ Free Entrance (extra drink cost ¥1,000/2d)
Thur. : M ¥2,000/2d L ¥ Free Entrance (extra drink cost ¥1,000/2d)
Fri. : M ¥2,000/2d L ¥ Free Entrance (extra drink cost ¥1,000/2d)

 The last Friday of each month, due to the event of all-you-can-drink, the course is M ¥3,500 / L ¥1,500, and all you can drink for free until 1 a.m..
After 1a.m., the course is M ¥2,500/1d L ¥2,000/1d.

Sat. : M ¥2,000/1d L ¥2,000

 Using special coupon, for new customers only, except the event of all-you-can-drink for free, a coupon you can use all day.
M ¥1,000/1d L ¥ Free Entrance (at lease 1 drink per customer required)


【Lowest Price】
Show OSAKA CLUB GUIDE coupon image, get the discounts below!

All days
M¥1000/1d L¥FREE/1d
(First-time limited, all days available except all-you-can-drink events)